A PostgreSQL server maintenance tool

Product features

Process tree showing blocking and pending queries

Sortable process tree allows to easily navigate all processes, find blocked resources, blocking and pending queries.

Process cancellation and termination

Send a signal to cancel or kill a process with a single click.

Always up-to-date information

Process tree updates regularly with a configurable interval or after an action has been taken by the user.

Background monitoring

Minimize pgSqlBlocks to the application tray and it will notify you when the situation changes.

Save blocking history for later analysis

Save accumulated blocking history into a file and load it later for in-depth situation analysis.

How to install

Follow these steps to begin using pgSqlBlocks

Install Java 8 or greater for your platform. Follow this link.
Follow this link to download the latest version of pgSqlBlocks for your platform.
Start pgSqlBlocks by double-clicking the downloaded jar-file or by using command line, for example java -jar pgSqlBlocks-1.7.0-Linux-64.jar

For developers

pgSqlBlocks is a product with open source code, licensed under Apache License 2.0.
Source code is located in our repository on github.