Tool for work with PostgreSQL

Product capabilities

Process tree with displaying of blocking and pending queries

Sortable process tree allows to navigate easily all processes, find blocked resources, blocking and pending queries.

Cancellation or kill of a process

Send a signal of process cancellation or kill in one click.

Always up-to-date information

Autoupdate of a process tree by means of a user's actions (cancellation/kill of processes), configurable timer or manually.

Provision of information to the user, even when the application window is minimized

Notifications and change of the icon in a tray indicate the appearance of blocked processes in one of DBs.

Saving and loading of blocking history

Saving the blocking history to the file and loading it back to the application — for speed problem resolution followed by the analysis of the current situation.

How to install

To install and start pgSqlBlocks, do the following steps:

Install Java JRE 1.8 or greater for your platform. Click this link.
Click this link to download the latest version of pgSqlBlocks for your platform.
Start pgSqlBlocks by double-clicking the downloaded jar-file or via the console command java -jar pgSqlBlocks-1.4.0-Linux-64.jar

For developers

pgSqlBlocks is a product with open source code, licensed under Apache License 2.0.
Source code is located in our repository on github.