F.A.Q. Frequently asked questions

General questions

Why JDK?

pgCodeKeeper is an Eclipse IDE plug-in, which runs on Java Virtual Machine. You can install either JRE or JDK depending on your Eclipse build. If you plan to use Eclipse for Java development, the best choice would probably be to use JDK instead of JRE.
JDK/JRE version 1.8 is required by pgCodeKeeper and latest Eclipse releases.
Learn more: https://wiki.eclipse.org/Eclipse/Installation#Install_a_JVM

Why Eclipse?

Eclipse is an open source platform for IDE development. It is designed as a base upon which various IDEs can be built.
Using Eclipse allows us to concentrate efforts on our main task which is database schema development. This way basic IDE functionality such as workbench UI, workspaces, projects, VCS support is provided to us by the platform and its plug-ins out of the box.
Learn more: ru; en (archived)

Project time zone

All developers working on the same project should specify the same time zone when creating or importing the project.
This time zone is used for database connections and will influence certain values in the schema when migrating it to or from the database.
For example, default values of time with time zone fields will be affected.

Dealing with line breaks

New projects are created with "Force Unix newlines" option turned on by default. You may turn this off in the project settings.
This is done to unify newline format of raw user strings, such as object comments, function bodies, etc, across developers' environments.
You may want to set up this behaviour in your VSC as well.
Learn more: https://help.github.com/articles/dealing-with-line-endings/

Making changes in the project, potential problems

Project files and directories follow predefined structure and naming rules. If you create project files manually or edit the existing ones, you can end up in a situation where the parser won't be able to handle the modified files or the structure.
You should try and mimic pgCodeKeeper's project structure when editing objects manually. Also you may use New Object Wizard to create new objects in their proper project locations.

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