Make the PL/pgSQL code maintenance easy

A tool for an easy work with PostgreSQL

Helps find changes between databases and create migration scripts for selected objects.



Show changes between databases

Finding out the DBs code differences is very easy now. It is possible to compare both the code of the DB working instances and the code formed by pg_dump, as well as pgCodeKeeper project code.


Generate migration scripts

Now you can generate the migration scripts by means of user-friendly interface. You can use both the working DB and the DB dump as initial data. The comparison between the pgCodeKeeper projects is also possible — it is convenient when working with versions control systems.

work with system of control version

Support work with numerous VCS

pgCodeKeeper is the Eclipse platform extension. The DB code is saved in the Eclipse project, and the project code can be put into one of the versions control systems supported by the Eclipse — Git, SVN, Mercurial, CVS and many others.

work with system of continuous delivery

Non-interactive mode for continuous integration systems

pgCodeKeeper-cli can work in the non-interactive mode, which is really convenient for the formation of the continuous integration pipelines.


pgCodeKeeper 4.2.3

February 13, 2018

  • Mock data wizard improvements:
    - added support for more types: numeric, time, timestamptz;
    - added support for type aliases (varchar etc);
    - test data insert code can now be generated with explicit type casts for each value;
    - improved and cleared up error messages about incorrect input values;
    - added "any" generator, that allows any expressions or values and uses them "as is;"
    - user may now select and delete many columns at once;
    - the wizard is now accessible via Project Explorer's and SQL Editor's context menus for table files, it is also still accessible via File - New.
  • New SQL object wizard improvements:
    - object name and location are now entered as a single string with dot-separators;
    - object name field is filled with default values from current context and is focused by default;
    - useless dummy owner code is no longer generated.
  • Project Editor now has history of previously used filters. Filtering is slightly delayed now to reduce UI hitches when filtering large change-sets. Added object container filter.
  • Fixed project import when .pgcodekeeper file is missing. Also any Eclipse project may be converted into pgCodeKeeper project now (via Configure menu).
  • Fixed an error when parsing qualified opclass in CREATE INDEX.
  • Fixed an error when parsing implicit row constructor in expressions.

Registration in the unified register of the Russian programs for ECM and DB

April 18, 2016

By order of The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of Russia pgCodeKeeper is registered in the unified register of Russian programmes for electronic computing machines and data bases.

The taming of the scoundrel

February 1, 2016Habrahabr

Do you like to develop databases? No, not the modern NoSQL, but good old-fashioned relational ones, where you can describe the relations and the stored procedures for the data access and logic [...]

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Using pgCodeKeeper you will greatly ease your work on PostgreSQL data bases maintenance


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