PL/pgSQL code maintenance made easy

A tool for easier PostgreSQL development

Finds differences between database objects and creates migration scripts, interactively or automatically.



Compare databases

Comparing database code is very easy now. Compare live DB instances, pg_dump output, as well as pgCodeKeeper projects.


Generate migration scripts

Generate migration scripts via a user-friendly interface. You can use both live DB instances and DB dumps as initial data. You can also compare pgCodeKeeper projects — useful when working with versions control systems.

work with system of control version

Use various VCSs

pgCodeKeeper is an Eclipse IDE plug-in. The DB code is saved as an Eclipse project, and the project can be tracked under any of the versions control systems supported by Eclipse — Git, SVN, Mercurial, CVS and many others.

work with system of continuous delivery

Non-interactive mode for continuous integration systems

pgCodeKeeper-cli can work in non-interactive mode, which is convenient when setting up continuous integration pipelines.


pgCodeKeeper 5.3.9

Feburary 12, 2019

  • Added support for user-defined aggregate functions.
  • Added support for PostgreSQL data type aliases. Aliases are converted into standard types "on the fly", different type aliases used in objects are treated as no-change.
  • Fixed "too many open files" error when launching parsers in parallel.
  • Fixed SQL error reporting when launching parsers in parallel.
  • SQL parser rules have been improved and optimized.
  • Fixed migrations generated for function dependent objects when its default parameters change. (5.3.8)
  • Added parser support for empty SQL statements. (5.3.8)
  • Fixed consoles leak in program's UI. (5.3.7)
  • Fixed MS SQL builer when launching parsers in parallel. (5.3.7)

Registration in the unified register of the Russian programs for ECM and DB

April 18, 2016

By order of The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of Russia pgCodeKeeper is registered in the unified register of Russian programs for electronic computing machines and data bases.

The taming of the scoundrel

February 1, 2016Habrahabr

Do you like to develop databases? No, not the modern NoSQL, but good old-fashioned relational ones, where you can describe the relations and the stored procedures for the data access and logic [...]

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