Make the PL/pgSQL code maintenance easy

A tool for an easy work with PostgreSQL

Helps find changes between databases and create migration scripts for selected objects.



Show changes between databases

Finding out the DBs code differences is very easy now. It is possible to compare both the code of the DB working instances and the code formed by pg_dump, as well as pgCodeKeeper project code.


Generate migration scripts

Now you can generate the migration scripts by means of user-friendly interface. You can use both the working DB and the DB dump as initial data. The comparison between the pgCodeKeeper projects is also possible — it is convenient when working with versions control systems.

work with system of control version

Support work with numerous VCS

pgCodeKeeper is the Eclipse platform extension. The DB code is saved in the Eclipse project, and the project code can be put into one of the versions control systems supported by the Eclipse — Git, SVN, Mercurial, CVS and many others.

work with system of continuous delivery

Non-interactive mode for continuous integration systems

pgCodeKeeper-cli can work in the non-interactive mode, which is really convenient for the formation of the continuous integration pipelines.


pgCodeKeeper 4.2.0

January 16, 2018

  • Added support for PostgreSQL 10 objects and clauses:
    - table columns GENERATED AS IDENTITY;
    - partitioned tables;
    - data type used by SEQUENCE;
  • Improved processing of inherited columns and their properties, including partitioned tables.
  • Added handling for foreign key to referenced table's unique index dependency.
  • Added support for declaring constraints within table column definitions (syntactic sugar).
  • Information gathered by the project builder (project files object indices) is now retained between restarts. Full project rebuilds will now happen only when user requests them.
  • Added New SQL Object wizard.
  • Improved test data generation wizard.
  • Added an option to settings and to CLI to CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY.
  • Outline view for SQL editor can now be filtered to show dangerous statements and can also be sorted by object name.
  • When an object has no explicit privileges, default privileges will be generated instead of revoking everything.
  • Scripts now always set search_path, regardless of the first object's schema.
  • Potential parser errors no longer prevent SQL editor from opening.

Registration in the unified register of the Russian programs for ECM and DB

April 18, 2016

By order of The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of Russia pgCodeKeeper is registered in the unified register of Russian programmes for electronic computing machines and data bases.

The taming of the scoundrel

February 1, 2016Habrahabr

Do you like to develop databases? No, not the modern NoSQL, but good old-fashioned relational ones, where you can describe the relations and the stored procedures for the data access and logic [...]

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Using pgCodeKeeper you will greatly ease your work on PostgreSQL data bases maintenance


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